Jonathan Chey, «It is sad to be working in the game industry knowing you won’t work directly in a game any more.»

julio 02, 2014

Jonathan Chey is the founder of Blue Manchu, and the creator of the collectible card roleplaying game Card Hunter. He began his career at the legendary Looking Glass Studios and later co-founded Irrational Games, where he helped to produce the blockbuster franchise Bioshock. I’ve caught up with Jon to ask him about those times, the legacy of Looking Glass and the developing process of Card Hunter.

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Ian Snyder: «We have to beware of elevating anything to the pedestal of infallibility»

febrero 26, 2014

Offbeat, nonsensical, young creator graduated on Kansas City University. Out of the box thinker, distrustful towards self-promotion, Ian Snyder praises web browser games towards his creations, talks about the vital importance of developing, in a more personal and intimate way. Despite his youth, freshness and his high expectations about life, he’s behind more than ten projects, with which he has learned to improve day by day, proving that he is one of the pivotal authors of the future of indie scene. Ampliar artículo

Visiontrick Media: «The independent developers chose to go a bit wild and do something unexpected instead of rehashing ones»

mayo 08, 2013

A string of questions which suggests the good work and the Nordic gestures of Visiontrick Media, a development study based of Sweden composed of two great individuals. On the first place, Henrik Flink, who lives in Tokyo and is a passionate person about programming and game development; and secondly, Rickard Westman, a creative visual artist who prints an unique personality in his works. Ampliar artículo

Ben Prunty: «Sometimes having a limited palette works to your advantage»

diciembre 27, 2012

For a moment, Ben Prunty parks his craft on the hangar, and he holds the rebel fleet with a laser baton expression. The composer, who creates Faster Than Light‘s music score, pay attention to the plenty of indie-o-rama‘s team and carry his stelar poise to answer a kind of questions. A promising figure from the indie scene, Ben speaks about his past, and his future projects.

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